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Hi... We are artist's, Scott & Mary Watson and we have had our Art Gallery, The Creative Edge, in Oatman, Arizona on Historic Route 66 since 1999. We have been displaying our artwork at fine art shows for many years  and have numerous awards and articles written about our artwork.

Scott, a Master Silversmith, has been doing his silver work since 1971. Developing a unique style and technique of 3-dimensional constructed silverwork, combining silver, copper, and sometimes gold, brass and nickel.

Scott's 3-dimensional southwestern theme depicts how pottery may have been found in the desert with cactus, rocks, roots, and weeds. His trademark of a "Cracked Pot" is usually made in copper for contrast against the silver. Scott is now working on tri-color metal work with brass, copper and sterling silver.crackpot_001.jpg

In 1985 Scott made a small silver pot and showed it to me. I liked the tiny pot and told Scott "If you put a crack on the pot, you can be my 'Crack Pot'!" That is how his signature "Crackpot" began. This theme is predominant throughout our artwork which includes constructed silver jewelry, intricate art knives, paintings on flagstone, combinations of art on sculptured Arizona sandstone, mixed art and metal sculptures.

The sandstone we use in our artwork comes from the northeastern part of Arizona from a private quarry. Hand picked pieces are drilled and cut with diamond tools and then sandblasted to achieve the sculptured effect of weather worn rock. The natural color of the sandstone is yellow ochre. By heat treating the sandstone, the iron oxide within the rock changes the color of the rock to a rich reddish brown. We combine our metal work and rock sculptures with our jewelry_001.jpgoriginal paintings to produce a unique one-of-a-kind artwork.

The "Earth Spirits" and the "Rock Spirits" are some of Scott's most satisfying creations. Scott says, "Earth Spirits" depicts my tribute to past generations. "The ancestral spirits that can now live only within one's heart. The spirits come from the earth, the memories come only from our past." "Rock Spirits" are painted rock sculptures combining mixed media.

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